My Net Worth

I already mentioned that my net worth 4 years ago when I started to actually pay attention to my finances and calculate my net worth was -$58,327.  On this page, I’m going to keep a running tab of my net worth every month to motivate you and me!  It also holds me accountable!  If the entire world knows what my net worth is it makes it extremely difficult for me to not live the lifestyle I am preaching.  My main goal is becoming financially free, but what does that mean?  How much is enough to be financially independent and not worry about money ever again?  This number is different for everyone and I plan on writing an article on how to determine how much you need very soon.  My number is $1.5 million!

So, no more procrastination.  Here it is…

February 2012: -$58,327

March 2016: $121,478 (+179,805)*A $180,000 change is a large turnaround for only 4 years of work but it can happen on 2 normal salaries if you follow a blueprint and pay attention to your money.  

April 2016: $131,203 (+9,725) – *I just found out where to see the balance of my pension fund is listed and added it to this list.  Check out the details here.

May 2016$137,582.33 (+$6,379.32)

June 2016: $142,998.33 (+5,416)

July 2016: $142,653.12 (-345.21)

August 2016: $150,993.34 (+8,340.22)


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