Net Worth Update: $131,203.01

Welcome to April everybody!  I hope March treated you well and you were able to take advantage of a market that wasn’t losing money.  The S&P 500 increased 3.98% over the last 30 days.  It wasn’t a great month for investments but at least it wasn’t like January!

Since this is my first post on my net worth updates, I’m just going to list everything out and I won’t really have any detailed explanations about what’s going on like I will in future net worth posts.  You can also see in the “My Net Worth” excel pic that there is nothing there for “last month.”  That’s because this is the first month I’ve started using it.

I’m currently not investing in any 401k’s or other investments.  I do have balances in 401k’s but the only changes in those investments are from my employers contributions and the ups and downs of the market.  Right now I’m in Step 3 and I’m just building up an emergency fund of 6 months worth of expenses.

So, here we go…

April Financial Breakdown

House: $379,531 – $322,085 $57,446.  I’m just using as the baseline here.  They give their estimate for how much they think you’re home is worth.  I’m not saying it’s accurate but it’s a decent way to keep track without bringing an appraiser in every month to help you track your net worth.

My 401k: $17,660.16.  Right now 5% of my salary is going into my 401k via my employer.

Pension Fund: $7,975.  I’m one of the few remaining workers in America that contribute to a pension fund and if I decide to stay with my employer and retire 24 years from now I will receive a pension.  I DO NOT PLAN ON DOING THIS!  I’m all about early retirement!!!

My Old 401k: $7,991.85.  This 401k is from an old employer.  I need to roll this over into a Roth IRA.  Hopefully I get to this very soon…

Wifey 401k: $3,779. Same situation as my 401k.  5% match from her employer.

Wifey Old 401k: $3,300. Also in the same situation as my old 401k.  We also need to roll this over to a Roth IRA very soon.

Car: $13,000.  I know, I know.  Many people don’t like counting the value of vehicles towards their net worth for whatever reason they choose, but I do because I could easily sell my car and have $13,000 in cash if I needed it.

Jeep: $11,000.  Same here…

Emergency Fund: $9,051.  I’m sad to say that I do not have my 6 month emergency fund saved up yet.  But, we’re working on it and will hopefully be where we need to be in the next 6 months or so.  GOAL? $20,000 right now.

TOTAL NET WORTH: $131,203.01

So there it is.  My first post on my net worth.  It’s obviously not where I want it to be right now but when I’m done building a solid foundation I will be able to invest a lot of money and build my net worth much faster than I can right now.

The first few years of beginning to build your net worth are slow but once you get some momentum it’ll shoot up faster than you can imagine!

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